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Knowledgeable legal representation for Boston clients charged with crimes

When you’ve been arrested, a seasoned defense attorney can protect your rights and challenge the prosecution’s evidence. At the Law Office of Craig E. Collins in Massachusetts, I have spent nearly 25 years advocating for the just and fair treatment of individuals accused of a variety of misdemeanor and violent felony crimes. At my criminal defense law firm, which was established in 1997, I represent clients who are facing prosecution for violent felony allegations, drug offenses and other violations. No matter what you are charged with, you can trust me to work diligently to safeguard your interests throughout the legal process.

Dedicated attorney advocates for clients arrested for various crimes

I practice exclusively in the area of criminal law, assisting clients charged with:

  • DUI/DWI — If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, called operating under the influence in Massachusetts, I will seek to have the charges reduced or dismissed by studying the evidence and attempting to determine whether improper police procedures were used during your stop.
  • Violent Felony Offenses
  • Drug crimes — I pursue justice for individuals arrested for misdemeanor and felony drug crimes, such as possession, manufacturing, trafficking and more.
  • Assault and battery — My law firm defends people accused of assault and battery, including in sex crimes cases. I understand the severity of these crimes if convicted, which is why I will use every legal tactic at my disposal to have the charges dismissed or reduced.
  • Gun and weapon crimes — I will advocate for your rights when you’ve been arrested for allegedly owning an illegal firearm or some other gun and weapons crime.
  • Theft — No matter what classification of theft charge you face, I will work to get you the most satisfactory outcome.
  • White collar crimes — I aid clients accused of white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement and handle other federal criminal cases.

Additionally, I am knowledgeable in juvenile law and help clients under the age of 18 who are charged with criminal offenses.

Contact a skilled Boston criminal defense lawyer for help when you’ve been arrested

Founded in 1997, the Law Office of Craig E. Collins in Massachusetts seeks fair treatment for Boston-area residents accused of a wide variety of crimes. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 617-865-0932 or contact me online.

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